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Welcome to M2 Metabolic Method

Thank you for visiting our site, as well as your interest in our M2 Metabolic Method weight loss program. We believe that our products and coaching are the best on the market with a proven success record of over 10,000 happy, healthy, thinner clients. Over 60 years of medical research and thousands of trial cases preceded the protocol of Dr. Simeons. We can and WILL show you how to change your life forever.

Whether your goal is to lose hundreds of pounds or the last ten, we are here to support your journey. In addition to our products, we offer exemplary service, and the utmost desire to help you succeed. In fact, all staff members at M2 Metabolic Method have preceded you on the same protocol with fantastic results.

If you are ready to make the commitment, a new you is only a phone call away!


M2 Coaching

We would like to offer you the opportunity to increase your success with our live private daily wellness and support program. We have found that the combination of our great formulas, in conjunction with the daily accountability of our support program, has produced success rates approaching 95-97%. This can be compared to only a 3-5% success result for those on other programs, or those chosing to do such a program on their own.
Call one of our offices to inquire about our "All in One" program which includes coaching and our M2 Platinum Formula Drops. 

The Journey to a NEW YOU

This program starts out the same for everyone no matter of your sex or weight. During the course of your journey you will have many questions that we can answer for you. By example, you may experience hunger, fatigue, or a plateau along the way. Our live support will help you stay on the program by making any adjustments needed to your specific situation. We will also help you through the times when you are tempted to eat for emotional reasons, by helping you explore the reasons that caused you to eat emotionally, thus enabling you to make more conscious decisions. We have successfully supported clients throughout the United States to achieve their fantasy weight loss goals.

As you read through our site, you will find our price schedule. Whether you choose to take advantage of our live wellness support for the first month only, or to utilize our services the entire way as most clients choose, we believe you will find this will be the best investment you could make toward your weight loss success.



We have been informed that our Deland location has been voted the # 1 Weight Loss Center for the THIRD straight year by the Hometown Readers Poll.