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At M2 Metabolic Method we are dedicated to helping you successfully achieve your weight loss goal. From online support to live weight loss coaching by our trained weight loss consultants, we are committed to your complete satisfaction.

Many of us who suffer from weight issues need to address the addictive behavior patterns that have caused us to medicate with food. Our live coaching and support allows you the client to have your own private weight loss coach not unlike an exercise coach who will be there for you to assist in the understanding and the behavior modification necessary to assist in changing your eating habits. We now offer a new plan that we call our “All in One Plan” which includes coaching and M2 Platinum drops all for one fee. We have plans for weight loss starting at anything up to and including 10 pounds, 25 Pounds, 50 Pounds, 75 Pounds, and 100 pounds. Anyone who has over 100 pounds to lose can combine any of these plans to achieve their goal. Our coaching is done by M2 CEO and Certified Imago Facilitator Mitchell Menaker. Our M2 food program done in conjunction with his coaching allows us to boast that 97% of our clients reach their ideal weight or more. Coaching is not required to do the program and is a separate fee, so call us at 386-873-2988 to discuss coaching and our program and let us help you be one of the 97% to accomplish your weight loss goals.