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In November of 2013, M2 CEO Mitch Menaker completed his education and training in London, England to earn the title of Certified Professional Imago Facilitator.  The Certified Professional Imago Facilitator program was designed for non-therapists to be able to use the theories and dialoguing of Imago to work with Individuals, couples, families and organizations who are struggling with a current situations or conflict, and who desire to move into a more workable preferred state.

Imago was first used by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. decades ago in their relationship therapy. Through the years, the principals of Imago have evolved and are currently used in all aspects of one’s daily personal and professional life.

The facilitator is trained to help guide a client(s) throughout the attempt to achieve a desired state or goal. The Professional Facilitator training program is broken into four sessions, and involves over a year commitment to intense education and training.

Mitch is the only Certified Professional Imago Facilitator in the State of Florida, and one of only two Certified Professional Imago Facilitators in the United States. Mitch continues to proudly use the principles of Imago in his professional weight loss and addiction coaching with incredible success.

In addition to the work above, Mitch has personally spent over 1500 hours doing individual, group, workshop, and retreat work with Imago over the last 7 years. 

Mitch offers public motivational speaking seminars for private and civic groups. Please call our office to discuss your desired needs.

Mitch is currently offering his coaching and Facilitator services and assistance in the areas below:

  1.     Weight Loss Coaching and Behavior Modification
  2.     Coaching in Areas of Addictive behavior modification
  3.     Individual Coaching and Facilitation
  4.     Couples relationship Coaching and Facilitation
  5.     Family Relationship Coaching and Facilitation
  6.     Work Place Coaching and Facilitation




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